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Microbiome Guide

Your microbiome is an complex ecosystem of diverse microorganisms; most of which are beneficial, some neutral, and some pathogenic. The beneficial organisms can do helpful jobs like eat up your excess oil and dead skin cells, the harmful ones can exasperate inflammation, cause infections, or cause acne. We're all tuning into the importance of a healthy gut microbiome, the skin's flora is just as vital to consider for a beautiful complexion -- and the two are closely connected as well. The phrase "you are what you you eat" is very relevant when considering microbiome, as our topical skincare treatments are what is being fed to these sensitive microorganisms.


  • A simplified routine of nutrient-rich plant based oils
  • Oil Cleansing
  • Clean, natural makeup, spf, and skincare products
  • Time outside, in contact with nature
  • An occasional DIY probiotic-rich mask of organic full-fat plain / unsweetened yogurt
  • Balance pH and reduce pathogenc with occasional spot treatments of tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar
  • Frequently clean your cell phone to prevent bacteria exposure
  • Happy, healthy gut-microbiome balanced with fermented foods, organic plants, and proper supplements


  • Chemical-based skincare and makeup
  • Synthetic fragrances in soaps and skincare
  • Aggressive treatments like chemical peels
  • Over-exfoliation, 1 - 2 x per week is sufficient
  • Taxing the skin with too many products
  • Picking at the skin
  • Trace mineral deficiencies from pesticides in the soil.
In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. - Aristotle
FACE OIL : Reduces inflammation • Balances oily/dry combination skin • Controls breakouts • Healing for sun-damaged skin • Day-long hydration
MUD MASK : Extracts Impurities and Toxins • Hydrated skin • Balances Oily/Dry Skin • Prevents and controls breakouts • Microbiome-friendly
FACE OIL : Reduces inflammation • Balances oily/dry combination skin • Controls breakouts. Healing for sun-damaged skin • Day-long hydration
OIL CLEANSER : Deep cleanse without drying • Clears pores, controls breakouts • Microbiome-friendly • Removes makeup, waterproof mascara, sunscreen and excess oils.
OLIVE & LOTUS EXFOLIANT : Customizable exfoliation • Buffs away dead skin cells • Helps keep pores clear to prevent acne • Microbiome-friendly • Primes skin for serum and oils
WONDER SERUM : Reduces the appearance of fine lines • Improves tone and elasticity • Boosts collagen production • Day-long hydration.