Light It Up


Scent is the most powerful sense, the one that roots us to memories and feelings. We believe that scent is essential to consider in a space, as important as the interior design or lighting. Let this sensory bundle fill your space with the grounding, sublime scents of plant-based ingredients of the purest quality.

Bundle & SaveSave $14 when you purchase both products together

Siren Candle

Our Siren Candle is right at home in the sensory world of Wonder Valley: notes of smoke, sweet resinous galbanum, with a bright uplifting balsamic fir quality. The candle will fill your space with a warm, intoxicating fragrance that evokes feelings of piñon embers burning in a fireplace while a sweet sandalwood incense faintly burns in the background.

Oud Incense

The aromatic smoke of our Oud Incense carries a sense of calm and grounding into any space.

Box of Matches

A marvelous set of matches, this marbled box looks great left out on a coffee table next to your favorite candle or incense burner.

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