Tuna Toast

Bright and packed with flavor, this recipe is a slice of heaven that comes together with a few fresh ingredients. Here’s Casey and Ally on how the recipe was made: “Our friend & Canyon purveyor, Chef James Wayman (Nana’s Bakery & Pizza, Moromi), developed this recipe for us. When making it, the goal is to spread all ingredients evenly so that you can get a taste of everything in each bite. Starting with good tuna is pretty key — we’ve been using Ortiz at the shop. We make our herbed mayo in-house with chives, parsley and a little aleppo pepper.” Use the ingredient list and recipe steps below to make this cafe favorite at home.


  • A 3/4” slice of your favorite bread
  • Herbed mayo
  • Ortiz tuna
  • Shallots
  • Parsley
  • Capers
  • Lemon juice
  • Aleppo peppers


Cut & toast a 3/4” slice of your favorite bread (we use a pullman sandwich loaf by Bub & Grandma’s in Echo Park) Spread herbed mayo Lay tuna on top of mayo, flatten out with a fork to distribute evenly across the bread Sprinkle 1 tsp capers Add pinch of aleppo pepper (spread evenly across) Add shallots Garnish with parsley Spritz of lemon juice Drizzle of Wonder Valley Olive Oil Pinch of salt to finish