Acne & Blemish Prone Skin


Blemish or acne-prone skin has a predisposition to acne. There are a number of reasons why this occurs, but genetics, hormones, and habits are at the top of the list.

All acne or blemishes start when excess sebum (our natural oil) clogs pores. There are a number of reasons why this occurs; hormones and genetics play into the viscosity of our sebum, which thicker sebum can naturally be predisposed to clogging pores. Dead skin cells can also get stuck to sebum and clog pores. Dehydrated skin, which can happen when using chemical-based products or an overtaxing routine, can cause overproduction of sebum and result in clogged pores. The goal is to work with our skin’s natural functions of healing and hydrating itself and choosing microbiome-friendly products.

A common reaction to acne is to go on the attack: using aggressive products, too many products, or a lot of makeup to hide it. All things that make your skin worse. Another important thing is good daily hygiene habits: properly cleansing your skin to thoroughly remove makeup, SPF, and products at the end of the day - we cannot recommend our oil cleanser enough for this essential step for a balanced, deep clean. Beyond topicals, your stress, not drinking enough water, smoking, or eating inflammatory foods (or foods you have a sensitivity to) all show up in your skin.

First, address the big lifestyle factors mentioned above: stress, water intake, diet, or other habits like smoking. Prioritize your gut health, which will show up on your skin. Next, re-assess your routine. Cleaning & hydrating are the most important daily steps. We recommend our oil cleanser for its extremely effective ability to remove all the excess and impurities on your skin without causing harm. Adding a once a once-a-week gentle exfoliant will also help treat acne and blemishes; just don’t go overboard with this step. Daily moisturizing is essential to balance oil production. Jojoba, a key ingredient in our face oil, is incredible at this as it mimics the skin's natural sebum. Studies show that acne-prone skin is naturally deficient in linoleic acid, so using rosehip or seabuckthorn topically (both key ingredients in our face oil) is very beneficial. Routine treatments, like a detoxifying clay mask, will also be beneficial. We recommend finding ways to pay attention to your skin. Daily massage with a Gua sha or during cleansing is a good way to feel where congestion is occurring.