Extra virgin olive oil is a timeless beauty ingredient with numerous benefits. Barrier Support: the squalenes and essential fatty acid components of extra virgin olive oil support in strengthening your skin and protecting it from outside pollutants Hydration: a powerful source of moisturization as well as moisture retention Emollient and Healing: helps to fill the gaps between cells, softening and plumping and aiding in healing damage or scarring Slows wrinkle formation: phytosterols, vitamins E and A promote collagen production, replenish your skin’s supply of squalene, and slow the signs of photoaging

Extra virgin olive oil does have a moderate likelihood of being comedogenic, or pore-clogging. It is because of this reason that it is not the primary ingredient in our skincare. Each product page shares the full ingredients, listed in the order of highest concentration to the lowest. We formulate very carefully to use enough olive oil to capture the antioxidant-rich benefits while balancing it with other lighter, non-comedogenic ingredients. We do not recommend applying olive oil directly on your face but recommend you use our carefully crafted skincare products to cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and support your skin.

Plant-based skincare describes products that are made using plant materials and extracts.

Plant-based does not mean organic or vegan, these are distinct labels that have a different meaning. Though the name implies all ingredients that are plant-based, it can also include animal by-products like honey which would disqualify it as being vegan. Wonder Valley products are plant-based, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Most of our products are pregnancy-safe and will be indicated on the product pages. However, we do preface this by saying that it is always best to speak to your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding to ensure safety. Pregnancy can cause a lot of changes in the skin, which can continue postpartum. We particularly recommend our Oil Cleanser, Olive and Lotus Exfoliant, and Face Oil to help nourish your skin and treat and prevent breakouts that can occur from hormonal shifts. The high vitamin E concentration in our Hinoki Body Oil makes it a great belly oil during and post pregnancy. We do want to call out the Wonder Serum: hyaluronic acid is a key ingredient, and there are not enough studies to support safety during pregnancy with this particular ingredient.