Ready to clear away dull winter skin?
Let the fine botanical powders of our Olive & Lotus Exfoliant shed away lackluster skin like a spring cleaning for your complexion.
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Welcome to a world where health is a priority and Olive Oil reigns supreme. You can expect to find tutorials and tips on our skincare, co-created with nature and backed by science. As well as culinary inspiration to use Wonder Valley olive oil in your kitchen. Broadcasting from the high desert of Joshua Tree, California to your home.


Providing you the tools to best take care of your skin while bridging the gap between internal health and external beauty


A collection of recipes and collaborations with celebrated chefs and authors to inspire your next meal

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I first fell for Wonder Valley in the kitchen, where I like to use the company’s peppery green extra-virgin olive oil for roasting root vegetables and dressing salads. And now Wonder Valley has become a staple in my bathroom, too.