Olio Nuevo


Our Olio Nuevo is a celebration of the new harvest - a bright, intensely fresh extra virgin olive oil from the early autumn fruit, plucked from the trees at the first hint of ripening. This is olive oil in its purest form, a brief and triumphant proclamation of the season's start, to be used promptly and abundantly.

First PressingThe Olio Nuevo is the first pressing of the season's harvest, and each harvest is a little different depending on which trees in the groves ripen first and has a different blend than our classic harvest oil. The yield is very low making our Olio Nuevo a limited edition and a favorite of oil lovers.

Product Details

Flavor Profile
Herbaceous, Tomato Leaf, Artichoke, Green Almond, with a Pepper Finish
Health Benefits
Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids Polyphenols (Antioxidants) Phenolic Compounds Oleic Acid Vitamin E
Shelf Life
Best used within 18 months of harvest date
Work with the peppery nature of this blend as you would with seasoning black pepper - it’s the perfect finishing oil for roasted vegetables, to dress up pasta, over a roast chicken or grilled piece of fish or to compliment buttery soft cheese in a salad.
12.7 oz / 375 mL
Harvest Date
November 2022

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