Olio Nuevo

Our Olio Nuevo is a celebration of the new harvest - a bright, intensely fresh extra virgin olive oil from the early autumn fruit, plucked from the trees at the first hint of ripening. This is olive oil in its purest form, a brief and triumphant proclamation of the season's start, to be used promptly and abundantly.
12.7 oz / 375 mL
Flavor Profile
Herbaceous, Tomato Leaf, Artichoke, Green Almond, with a Pepper finish
Health Benefits
Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids Polyphenols (Antioxidants) Phenolic Compounds Oleic Acid Vitamin E
Shelf Life
Best used within 18 months of harvest date
Harvest Date
October 2021

First Pressing

The Olio Nuevo is the first pressing of the season's harvest, and each harvest is a little different depending on which trees in the groves ripen first and has a different blend than our classic harvest oil. The yield is very low making our Olio Nuevo a limited edition and a favorite of oil lovers.