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Not at this time, please recycle all glass, metal and paper components. We encourage creative re-purposing! Many customers repurpose the olive oil bottles into vases, candle stick holders, diffuser stands.

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Olive Oil

We have organic farming and olive milling practices and do not spray for pesticides, but it is not certified.

All of our olive oil operations take place in Lake County in Northern California, a region full of old growth trees and the ideal growing climate. Our Wonder Valley team's studio is based in Joshua Tree.

Both oils are certified extra virgin and harvested very young for the highest dose of polyphenols, the compound that fights oxidative stress.

OLIVE OIL is our classic harvest oil, a signature blend that offers a bright herbaceous flavor with a slight pepper kick. The matte black bottle helps protect from light and oxidation, giving it a longer shelf life and making it a pantry staple. This blend is available in the Big Bottle and Picnic Bottle sizes as well.

OLIO NUEVO is a limited edition first pressing to celebrate the start of each season. This blend varies from year to year but typically you can expect a green, floral, buttery oil - it typically is a bit more fruity and softer than the classic harvest oil. The clear glass bottle is a reminder to enjoy and use with abundance.

All olive oils are best within 24 months of the harvest date on the bottle. Olio Nuevo is the exception: this is intended to be used promptly and abundantly, best within 12 months of the harvest date. Olive oil's enemies are light, time, and heat. Best to store all oils away from direct sunlight or heat and never refrigerate (which will oxidize the oil).

What you are tasting indicates a fresh, high quality oil. Because we're harvesting fruit that is greener (rather than overripe black olives), the oil is also a bit greener. Olive oil is essentially a fruit juice, and that vibrancy indicates it's full of antioxidants and health benefits. We fell in love with this quality of olive oil and intentionally harvest early to make a oil that brightens up every dish.

The OIL CLUB is an annual membership program for olive oil lovers or it makes an amazing gift. OIL CLUB members will received four quarterly shipments, each containing one bottle of olive oil + one mystery gift. Past gifts have included new releases of our skincare, or another pantry item from small batch, independent brands (example Diaspora's turmeric, Tart Vinegar, Dark Horse Organics). OIL CLUB membership is one-time flat fee, which includes shipping and tax charges. The OIL CLUB is only available for USA-based customers. Within a few days of placing your order, our team will send out the first shipment. The remaining 3 will be spaced out accordingly, one per season. If you are sending this as a gift, please include the recipient's name and address on the order, you can add a note that will go out with the opening order. If you have questions about your order status, or need to update an address mid-membership, please email our team info@welcometowondervalley.com

Like wine, factors like weather and the varietal greatly impact the flavor. We have a mixed grove of different olive varietals and they do not all produce the same output year to year, so the blend is always unique.


We love to answer this question! Yes, olive oil, on its own, can be comedogenic or potentially pore-clogging. This is why we use enough olive oil in our formulas to capture its hydrating, healing, skin-softening, and anti-anting benefits while balancing it with lightweight potent plant extracts and oils. We do not recommend applying our culinary olive oil directly to your skin. Each skincare formulation is non-comedogenic and will help balance oily/dry combination skin, a common skin issue for acne-prone skin. All of our ingredients have unique benefits intended to support, not disrupt, your skin’s natural cycles and microbiome.

Both products are supremely hydrating and can be used day or night but they perform in different ways.

FACE OIL is like an everyday moisturizer with anti-inflammatory ingredients to combat redness, help balance oil production, and prevent and clear breakouts for acne-prone skin.

WONDER SERUM is also moisturizing but it is formulated with powerhouse ingredients that repair/prevent cellular damage and really addresses tone and elasticity issues common with sun damage and aging skin. Also has great water retention ingredients so this one is great for increasing skin elasticity and filling fine lines.

You can layer these products or use them separately -- using one in the morning, and one at night or seasonally depending on your skin's needs. If you do layer, start with the serum so that can reach at a deeper dermal level and follow up with the Face Oil, which has the added benefit of gentle sun protection from the properties of some of the plant oils used in the formulation. Follow with your SPF and makeup.

The exfoliant is a manual, dry powder and does need a cleanser to evenly distribute and evenly exfoliate. Water alone will be too aggressive. This was formulated specifically for our Oil Cleanser, which has a thicker viscosity and more gel-like consistency than most Oil Cleansers, which tend to be thinner. You can use another brand's oil cleanser, but make sure that it does not contain any synthetic ingredients, chemicals, non-natural fragrance or things that could erode the fine particles of the exfoliant. We do not expect it to have the same performance, but it should be functional.

Congratulations! On each product packaging and website listing we provide a full ingredient list. We notate on the product pages which ones are pregnancy-safe. Otherwise, we recommend you consult your doctor before use. We highly recommend the Oil Cleanser for the first trimester of pregnancy to help manage and gently care for hormonal breakouts.

Our Oil Cleanser can be used daily, morning and night. It's gentle enough to not disrupt your sensitive and lively microbiome, but tough enough to remove daily build up, make up, excess oils. If you are only washing your face once a day, always opt for night. Some oil cleansers are unable to remove all of the day's impurities, which is why double cleansing is becoming popular. We firmly believe this is unnecessary with our product, but encourage you to find a practice that works well for your skin's unique needs. Our cleanser is tough enough to remove sunscreen, makeup and waterproof mascara.

Yes, all products are gluten-free, cruelty-free and vegan.


Yes! This versatile oil can be used as a great beard oil. It offers the same benefits as being used a a finishing oil for the lengths of hair: de-frizz, softness, shine, for balanced healthy hair. While the formula is very lightweight, we advise trying to apply on your hair and not facial skin.

Our Sandalwood Yuzu Shampoo was formulated to give you more time between washes. While it's important to give our head of hair and scalp and thorough washing, frequent washing can be counter-effective.

Our recommendation is 2 - 3 times a week, but ultimately you know your hair: we encourage you to find a routine that keeps your hair looking and feeling great without having to wash it daily.

If you are trying to shampoo less frequently, you can condition between washes. You'll notice that it does not add weight to your hair and enhances nature curls and texture, while deeply hydrating. The Sandalwood Yuzu Conditioner is great to use each time you shower or take a bath.

A detox period doesn’t always happen, but can occur depending on your routine before switching to Wonder Valley or other nontoxic haircare. Hair follicles typically need 1 month to see results when a new product is being used, known as the detox period. Signs of a detox period may include dryness, itchiness, oily hair, and flakiness. Hair that has been damaged from chemicals in previous products (ex parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance or dyes), or damaged from styling tools and hair color/ treatments/ bleaching will all play a part in how your hair will transition to our nontoxic, paraben and sulfate-free haircare. Dry or damaged hair can possibly take longer while the hair follicle and shaft starts to repair itself from harsh chemicals. The detox period can affect the general scalp biome, as well as the shaft and follicle of hair. Scalp pH may take some time to adjust if dealing with damage. The detox period is not so much a time for hair to acclimate to a new formula, as it is a chance for repair to occur.