Welcome to Wonder Valley

A world where health is a priority and Olive Oil reigns supreme. You can rest easy here, and know that our olive oil is certified extra virgin grade, our skincare ingredients are potent and plant-based, and our packaging is as sustainable as possible with a goal of minimal to no plastic.

The Power of Olive Oil

You'll feel nourished by the vitality of our hand harvested, antioxidant-rich olive oil throughout the collection, which we press each November in the groves in Northern California since we started in 2014. Great Olive Oil has the power to elevate everyday life and we believe in it's holistic power to support both internal health and external beauty.

From Wonder Valley to You

While our Wonder Valley world is expanding, we're still a family-owned small team and priotize the health of our customers, our team and our environmental impacts over profits here. Welcome to Wonder Valley, we're so happy you are here.

- Alison & Jay Carroll