About 160 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, past those stoic wind turbines flashing in rhythmic unison, a few more miles beyond the ancient Oasis of Mara, lies a sun-bleached stretch of powerful high desert...

It's an unforgiving landscape, peppered with battered homestead cabins and endless tracts of soon to be tumbleweeds, all absorbing the echoes of artillery from just over the Bullion Mountains, where packs of feral dogs run wild, where you can see everything coming and everything going, where ‘bikers stare at cowboys who are laughing at hippies who are praying they get out of here alive’. This place is home to a unique intersection of outsider artists, reclusive squatters, and outlaws on the lam. Out here, in the timelessness, this place is anything you want it to be, a limitless stretch of sand and imagination.

This stretch of sand and imagination inspired us to get rid of most our belongings, leave the city and make this desert our full time home.

There’s a clarity out here that inherently made us want to simply our life. And we did. We took a page from our role models, The Nearings, and created our own version of “The Good Life” here in the desert: prioritizing health & creative growth, finding a balance of studio work and manual labor, stripping back the excess but finding decadence in our home cooked meals, daily hikes, and immeasurable value in the beautiful yet functional objects we surround ourselves with.

We are a husband and wife team, Jay and Alison Carroll. Jay is an artist and creative director with experience in fashion, interiors, branding and editorial. Alison’s experience the food world and more specifically in the California olive oil industry led us to start our own. We saw olive oil as the perfect first product for what we were trying to accomplish in this new lifestyle. Its simple, it’s useful, it elevates, and it’s the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

From there we have been building our desert compound brick by brick and the things we make and sell at Wonder Valley are things we wanted and made for ourselves piece by piece. Focusing on simplicity, functionality, quality materials, and a healthy dose of style and humor, Wonder Valley is now for you too, and your far out home.

welcome to

Wonder Valley