Microbiome Friendly


Your microbiome is the lively and delicate ecosystem of microorganisms residing and in relation to your skin. There’s an understanding around gut health that there are good and bad bacteria, and focusing on balance, promoting the good, and not causing harm is essential for holistic gut health. The same principles are at play with your skin’s microbiome and like the gut, these systems are all interconnected. Why is it important to prioritize microbiome health? The majority of these “good” microorganisms work hard to support your skin, doing jobs like eating excess oil or dead skin, strengthening the barrier, and protecting against pathogenic invaders.

Microbiome-friendly products do not contain ingredients known to cause disbalance or major disruption. For example, parabens, an effective yet horribly aggressive preservative in skin care products, kill many beneficial microorganisms.

Using clean, nontoxic formulas and having a simplified routine. This includes makeup and SPF as well. What damages your microbiome? Antimicrobial ingredients (like aggressive preservatives), topical steroids, antibiotics, synthetic perfumes, aggressive or over-exfoliation, and using cleansers that strip the skin.

Establish a simplified, supportive routine of plant-based products. Avoid known harmful ingredients and habits (overwashing, overexfoliation, topical antimicrobials). Focus on supporting the barrier function of your skin to repair damage. You can introduce probiotic support too, like applying plain whole yogurt as a gentle face mask.