Hinoki Bath Set

This Bathing Set is an invitation to slow down, draw a hot bath and allow your edges to soften.

Set Includes

  • Hinoki Bar Soap
  • Hinoki Bath Tea, two satchets
  • Washcloth
  • Soap Rest made of Japanese Hinoki


To begin, immerse the sachet of Hinoki Bath Tea into the hot water, allowing it to steep and release the sweet, evergreen aroma and calming benefits. The bar soap greets your skin with a soft lather, replenishing moisture while cleansing. When your soak is complete, remove the sachet and dry - reserving it to re-use up to 3 times. Best followed with a neck-to-toes application of Hinoki Body Oil, a lingering sensory reminder of the peace and calm of this bath.
Extraordinary baths are complex and distinctly elemental; earthy, sensual and animistic.
Leonard Koren