Wonder Valley Lantern

Let this Wonder Valley paper lantern illuminate your space with a warm glow. A simple hook will support the featherweight of the lantern; beautiful on its own or add a pendant light. The lanterns are handmade in Osaka by craftsman carrying on this traditional technique since 1921, over a century of lanterns that adorn noted temples and shrines throughout Japan.


Made in Osaka, Japan


  • 23" diameter


  • Bamboo
  • Wood
  • Japanese Paper
PLEASE NOTE: Limited production, no discounts may be applied. Does not include light fixture or any hooks to mount the lantern.

A Patient Process

The method of making paper lanterns is an analog one requiring consistency, skill, and patience. The process begins with assembling a wooden form and wrapping it in bamboo strips. Japanese paper is stretched around to the form and individually hand-painted with our sunny orange dots pattern, then secured with black caps on the top and bottom.